Friday Night Rodeo to Benefit the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum


National Day of the American Cowboy celebrates all cultures that have contributed to the development of the cowboy way of life.

This Friday the Stockyards Championship Rodeo is hosting the the National Multicultuaral Western Heritage Museum and Hal of Fame with Rodeo as its common ground. The Sport of Rodeo broke race and cultural berriers long before MLB, or Footbal. The Cowboy has always defined themselves a a man or woman dedicated to the western way of life. Cowboys from all nationalities and color share in this and continue to promote  the western heritage that they clearly embrace.  

The primary objective of the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum and Hall of Fame is to offer the visitor a true and complete historical perspective of the people and activities that built the unique culture of the American West. The work of artists who documented the people and events of the time through journals, photographs and other historical items are part of this new collection. These long overlooked materials tell perhaps for the first time the complete story. The American West of today still operates on many of the principles and cultural relationships begun so long ago.