Cowtown Coliseum is Honored to host Army U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion


U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - Change of Command Ceremony was held this morning at Cowtown Coliseum.

On the morning of June 23  2017 the Cowtown Coliseum was Honored to host the U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion - Dallas for their Change of Command Ceremony. It absolutely fiiled the coliseum with an American Pride unlike anything i have witnessed in some time. Theese young men and women are volunteering their lives to protect our freedoms, and they are proud and honored to do so.  Thank you all for your service.

U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Dallas Rangers 


Recruit the strength of the Army through Leadership.


Team Ranger - consisting of Families, Civilians, Community Partners, and disciplined Soldiers - is an adaptive network of values-based leaders who inspire the growth of the next "Greatest Generation", while taking care of our most precious asset... People.


The  major goal of the battalion has remained the same - to recruit highly motivated, quality men and women to serve the country in an Army that is efficient and caring in peacetime as well as effective and ready, if need be, in war.

Thank you for the honor of attending your ceremony and thank you for making  Cowtown Coliseum a part of it.