Rodeo Clown Reunion in the Fort Worth Stockyards


Part of the National Day of the American Cowboy on July 27 and 28

Historic Cowtown Coliseum and the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District will host multiple events the weekend of July 27 thru July 29. The events will include the National Rodeo Clown Reunion, National Day of the American Cowboy and the National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum Induction and Rodeo.

The National Rodeo Clown Reunion will bring more than 60 rodeo clowns and bullfighters from all across the United States and Canada to spend three days in the Stockyards entertaining and reminiscing about the decades they spent entertaining crowds and protecting cowboys. While they are dressed in greasepaint and baggy pants, rodeo clowns serve a serious function in the rodeo arena by providing protection and distracting the bulls from the fallen bull riders.

Rodeo clowns from 17 states and one province in Canada will be on hand including ProRodeo Hall of Fame inductee George Doak. While you would expect most rodeo clowns to be from the southwest, Joe McBride from Middleton, N.Y., and Chuck Fisher from Centerville, Mich., will be making the long trek to Fort Worth.

Events planned for the weekend will give fans an opportunity to have their photographs made with and collect autographs from these rodeo greats. A variety of events geared toward the younger crowd are planned including a stick horse rodeo and more. The rodeo clowns will be located in various businesses in the Stockyards and will be recognized during Saturday’s   Stockyards Championship Rodeo. They will also be performing some of their classic skits and acts during the rodeo. There will also be a panel discussion on Saturday to discuss the work and history of rodeo clowns, often referred to as “Greasepaint Matadors.”

The National Day of the American Cowboy was first designated in 2005 through a resolution of the United States Senate and signed by then-president George W. Bush. The day is set aside to celebrate the contributions of cowboys and cowgirls to America’s culture and heritage. Many of the activities will overlap and be part of the Rodeo Clown Reunion including a parade down Exchange Ave. in conjunction with the Fort Worth Herd cattle drive.


The National Multicultural Western Heritage Museum will host their 2018 induction at River Ranch in the Stockyards on Saturday, July 28 and the Hall of Fame Rodeo will be Friday, July 27 in Historic Cowtown Coliseum.


For more information on all of the activities being held in the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District visit the Coliseum website at or call 817-625-1025.